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Clifford Morunga | Commis Chef, Garrison Public House

Less than two years ago, Clifford Morunga was a stay-at-home dad. Now, after graduating top of the class at MIT, he’s a Commis Chef at Garrison Public House in Mount Wellington.

He signed the contract immediately after he graduated last December, having impressed Garrison’s head chef during his MIT industry placement in their kitchen.

Clifford says he never thought he’d make it into a job so quickly: “It was a bit of a surprise. I enjoyed cooking at home, so I thought I’d give the course a go and see if I liked it. It turned out I did, and it turned out that I could also cook alright.”

“I’m set on staying in the industry, I have no plans of moving. It’s long hours, but I’m enjoying it,” he says.

It took Clifford just 16 months to work his way from Level 3 to Level 5 culinary programme, learning over summer to speed up the process.

“It was the tutors who gave me the encouragement, and kept me going. The work experience was also an eye-opener. It got me the job too,” says Clifford.

Congrats, Clifford, on all your hard work to get where you are and we're very proud to call you one of our own.

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